Adore Engine introduction

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Here is the first version of Adore Engine, as I had the opportunity of meeting experienced Android developers during the last weeks, they wanted me to release this first version.

Here are some example I made with:







I’ve been working with Android for a long time and I’m facing a hard reality, I don’t find a game/graphics engine that fulfill all the goals I want. I want it to be highly adaptable, fast, lightweight and effective. On computer I have been using Love2D . for a while. This game engine is the most powerful I’ve used in a long time but is not ported (completely)  to Android. It only runs on Windows, Linux and OSx.


As I’ve already done quite a few Android projects (including professional ones), I think I am able to design and build my own engine that will be suitable for what I want. This engine is based on Android surfaceview and canvas. For a great integration in any projects, the engine comes bundled in a fragment.



  • Circle
  • Line
  • Point
  • Image (Scaled or not)
  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • RoundRectangle
  • Round Square
  • Text
  • Text Outlined


  • Music
  • SoundEffect

Android Views:

  • VerticalTextView


  • Tween: allows you to make nice animations.
  • StateManager: build and architect your code a nice way
  • Atlas: Handles Point, Circle, Rectangle collisions

Getting started

Just put and AdoreFragment into your Android layout. Override this this AdoreFragment and access its features with the callbacks (similar to Love2D) load(), draw(Canvas), updat(dt)…




  • Lightweight: Runs smoothly on a variety of devices.
  • Open source, code source is free and you can make it evolve if you want.
  • Reliable
  • Close to Love2D, as I’ve been using Loved2D for long time, I found it satisfying to architect it like Love2D.
  • Everything is enclosed in a Fragment, which let the Game Engine be used multiple time in a project. For example, use multiple instances on loading and game.
  • Integrates perfectly the Android SDK and supports colors, canvas and other native object manipulation.


  • Documentation may not be done as I don’t have time for the moment
  • Lack of scaling features. For the moment, it’s impossible to scale an image on runtime. However, you can freely scale it at start or use Rectangles, Squares or other drawable objects.



I used this game engine to write a minesweeper multiplayer game with a friend. I’m also working on a more interactive game named Chueco that I’ll explain later. For a first use on the engine, it fits perfectly the needs of a simple polished game. Runs smoothly on a variety of devices and I will continue working on improving it as it suits perfectly my needs.

I hope, I’ll find time to work on documentation as I think this game engine could be widely used by other developers



For the moment, I will support the game engine on github issues. So if you have any issues using it, do not hesitate to create an issue and I’ll help you with great pleasure.



MIT License.


Download here

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