An Arcade console for 100$

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I always like playing retro games through emulators. I’ve already built an arcade cabinet few years ago but I needed a more portable solution.

I recently found the perfect fit!


So the solution involve a Raspberry Pi, 2 retro controllers the whole powered by RecalBox OS!


It’s look like this:



You can get the hardware on Amazon:

The controllers are good quality. It feels so good to play on your favorite SNES games!

And the software here!

The installation of the software is pretty straightforward and even have manual in several languages! The software will let you play to more than 30 different retro consoles. You just have to provide your ROMS. You can also see a tutorial video.




Since few months EmulStation (the front end software included in RecalBox for browsing your roms) got really improved and includes nice settings / rom information scrapper to get nice screenshots and information about your collection.


You can make it cheaper if you already have cables or SD card and don’t want the Wifi.


Have fun!