Android Travel Quiz: Explore the world

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I just let you know I released a new game today: Travel Quiz: Explore the world! This was developed as an app for YM705 studios.

Along the level, you will be dropped into unknown locations and you will have to explore and use your knowledge to find where you are in the world! This is a remix of a game I released in 2013 (DoKo: Explore the world).

Screenshot_2016-01-23-17-01-35 Screenshot_2016-01-23-17-02-31

It definitely includes better game play, design and also more levels. You can play different level packs that are set by cities, countries or themes. So I hope you’ll like it and don’t hesitate to give it a try and rate it!

You’ll be able to travel to Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco , Italy but also get levels from the places where James Bond movies were filmed!

It’s also good as educational purpose as this game help the people to develop observation and curiosity! How good is your geography knowledge?



It includes more than 100 different levels around the world included in the Travel Quiz (Explore the world) app. This game is dedicated to the travel lovers and the explorers! You’ll play hand created level packs!

Immersed in a virtual reality world with thanks to the Google StreetView and Google Maps, enjoy walking the streets around the world to check where the quiz take place! Use the arrows to walk, pinch to zoom or double tap on a location to move faster! With this game we definitely know you’ll have a lot of fun travelling and exploring our levels!



Have fun!