Arduino Yun and 2.2″ TFT Display ILI9340

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What you need:

Install the libraries:

Adafruit have developped some awesome graphic library to use their display. Download it and install the libraries. If you don’t know how to install some Arduino libraries, check it there.

Wire everything:

To plug the TFT screen we will use the ICSP connector. It is located on the right of your Arduino.


So you have to connect:

Arduino ICSP  —>  ILI9340 (TFT)

  • 1 ——————-> MISO
  • 2 ——————-> VIN
  • 3 ——————-> SCK or SCLK (depending on chip)
  • 4 ——————-> MOSI
  • 6 ——————-> GND

Also the TFT needs 3 other connection that are set as defines in the code below.

Arduino Digital  —>  ILI9340 (TFT)

  • 8 ——————-> D/C
  • 9 ——————-> RESET
  • 10 ——————> LCD CS





Here is my simple HelloWorld code:


Here are some usefull links I found while experimenting:


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