Send keyboards event to Android webview

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In the process of integrating a Javascript game into a webview I needed to have buttons injection keybard events in the webview. The process is fairly simple and can be used on any type of view: webView.dispatchKeyEvent(new KeyEvent(KeyEvent.ACTION_DOWN, KeyEvent.KEYCODE_DPAD_LEFT));   You can … Continued

DoKo : Explore Earth

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Just a post about my first app released on Google Play Store as an indie dev. This game was developped in two weeks, from coming up with an idea to testing and releasing it! Description: DoKo will bring you to … Continued

Correct memory usage in C with Valgrind

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Here is a quick how to use Valgrind tool to check if you have invalid usage of memory in C. Configuration Install valgrind:

compile your program with debug informations using gcc -g flag

Launch your program with valgrind: … Continued

Notes about recursion

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In order to understand recursion, you must understand recursion. A common approach of solving life’s problem is to divide them in smaller ones. Solving lot of little problems is easier than solving one big problem. This approach is often used … Continued

Making a clock with Arduino

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What you need: Arduino Yun 2.2 TFT display ILI9340 from Adafruit First, you should follow this tutorial I wrote on setting up the Arduino Yun with the TFT display. Step by Step: Getting the current date:

To read the result … Continued

Arduino Yun and 2.2″ TFT Display ILI9340

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What you need: Arduino Yun 2.2 TFT display ILI9340 from Adafruit Install the libraries: Adafruit have developped some awesome graphic library to use their display. Download it and install the libraries. If you don’t know how to install some Arduino libraries, … Continued

Adore Engine introduction

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Here is the first version of Adore Engine, as I had the opportunity of meeting experienced Android developers during the last weeks, they wanted me to release this first version. Here are some example I made with:   Why? I’ve been … Continued

Customizing your Github timeline

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Hello, today we’ll try to customize the github banner like this: In order to achieve that, we’ll use Gitbanner works by creating a new git repository and filling it with dummy commits, with dates set to correspond to the pixels on your … Continued

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