GPS uBlox NEO-6M and arduino

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Here is the GPS module. This  NEO-6M GPS module communicate with Arduino with a serial. You can learn more about serial communication in my previous post.   In order to plug the module to the Arduino, it requires a bit of … Continued

Communicating with Arduino by USB

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  For a school project: OCADrone, I’m coding a protocol to communicate between an Arduino and a computer (Raspberry Pi) over the USB connection. In order to communicate, the two parts establish a serial communication. I will explain step by … Continued

Mobile prototyping tools

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By participating in a few hackathons that last only 2 or 3 days as an Android mobile developer, I realized that most of the time you should better just explain your application idea as a prototype than actually coding it. … Continued

Extracting C function prototypes

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Often, when I write some C code, I write header file at last. One task that is really long and boring is to copy function prototype into header. To help me with this task, I wrote a command line to … Continued

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