DoKo : Explore Earth

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Just a post about my first app released on Google Play Store as an indie dev. This game was developped in two weeks, from coming up with an idea to testing and releasing it!


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DoKo will bring you to some random places on our nice planet and you’ll have to figure out where you are by moving, zooming, searching.. Some are easy, some are harder! Nice new way to learn about geography and learning to discover places.

The game use extensively Google StreetView and Google Map in order to provide an immersive gameplay to the player!

Good luck and try not to get lost in this exciting game!



Screenshot from 2014-12-27 13:49:16


This game is fairly simple and is based heavily on the Google Map and StreetView API. I also integrated Google Analytics in order to have good usage statistics. I also used Admob in order to put little advertising service inside the app.



You can read how I planned to promote the game here!



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