GPS uBlox NEO-6M and arduino

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Here is the GPS module. This  NEO-6M GPS module communicate with Arduino with a serial. You can learn more about serial communication in my previous post.



In order to plug the module to the Arduino, it requires a bit of soldering.





So you have 4 wire to plug. Each one is labelled on the GPS with:

VCC: Positive 5 volts

RX: Serial reception

TX: Serial output

GND: Ground






Because I’m using the Arduino Mega, I have several Serial ports already available. I decide to wire the GPS module to the Serial1. I use a code found on Ladyada that I modified to work with my configuration.




Here is an example of the output:



As most of the GPS modules communicate the same way, you should be able to use this guide for any other GPS and arduino.


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