My Angular and Material starter kit

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My simple and effective bootstrap application to kickstart angular apps with angular-material design.

Ths is a mix between (all credits goes to them, I just needed to have a repo with my custom made starter kit):

Screenshot from 2015-03-02 18:17:35


  • Angular seed is too heavy for simple prototypes (I most of the time don’t need tests)
  • Material start lacks of features


How to?


Similar to every NodeJS/bower apps:


Clone it :

git clone

Install Dependencies

We have two kinds of dependencies in this project: tools and angular framework code. The tools help us manage and test the application.

  • We get the tools we depend upon via npm, the [node package manager][npm].
  • We get the angular code via bower, a [client-side code package manager][bower].

We have preconfigured npm to automatically run bower so we can simply do:

Behind the scenes this will also call bower install. You should find that you have two new folders in your project.

  • node_modules – contains the npm packages for the tools we need
  • app/bower_components – contains the angular framework files

Note that the bower_components folder would normally be installed in the root folder but angular-seed changes this location through the .bowerrc file. Putting it in the app folder makes it easier to serve the files by a webserver.


Run the Application

We have preconfigured the project with a simple development web server. The simplest way to start this server is:

Now browse to the app at http://localhost:8000/app/index.html.


Production ready!

Just copy everything in /app  to your /www  folder on your server 😉

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