My favorite maps on Doko Maps

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After one month of people creating local list of their favorite places on Doko Maps. I took some time to curate a list of my favorite creations in no particular order. If you are an explorer you should also join the party and create your list of favorite restaurants, bars, hoteles or any other type of places.


A map of where to go if you are craving for Japanese food while visiting or living in Paris.

A fine list of restaurants in Kyoto.

A recommendation of places in Ostend, Belgium. Including restaurants and attractions.

The list of all the museums in Paris.

A trip in California including cities but also nice nature spots with camping and surfing. There is also another list covering surf spots between Oceanside and San Diego in SoCal.


If those are not what you are looking for, I still recommend having a look at the latest map created on the homepage or just browsing your next travel destination by countries.